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The rewards platform for social networks

Where every interaction
is an opportunity to earn real money

Kayros World is the place where you can be rewarded for your time, skills and attention.

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The rewards platform

Introducing the platform that rewards you for everything you do on social networks : subscribe, follow, watch, like, comment, share.


The rewarding wallet

Introducing the rewarding wallet everyone has been dreaming of! Receive notifications, complete quests, earn rewards, and choose between withdrawing cash or storing cryptocurrency


Earn real money

Are you into playing games, watching videos, listening to music or podcasts, or engaging on social networks? We’ve got something for everyone


Get Rewarded for your time

You spend countless hours on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook—why not earn rewards for your time and attention? That’s where Kayros comes in


Cash out your rewards

A built-in crypto exchange to send money to anyone, anywhere in the world: crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, and vice versa. It’s easier than ever!


Developers friendly

All our code is open source, and we provide an API! Simply request your API key to start building with us. We're excited to see what you create!

Get paid in
cash or crypto

Available worldwide

At Kayros, we offer our members the chance to earn rewards for completing quests, quizzes or tasks at any time! You'll receive notifications directly in your Kayros wallet. Plus, you can convert your earnings into fiat currency or cryptocurrency. Join us in this exciting journey!

Join the World of
Endless Opportunities

Part gaming, part learning, part community, part business

Be rewarded for your time, skills and attention. Our goal is to help everyone make the most of every moment.

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Innovation that will shape how
we earn money online

Building Kayros protocol for micro-payments, rewards, incentives and loyalty program

As a rewarding social network, Kayros excels at incentivizing members who add value, bootstrapping communities all over the world, and blitzscaling growth by providing a framework for open participation. Members of our community are not just backers, but believers and contributors in what we do, and how we aim to change the ecosystem

Discover the Kayros team

We've gathered some of the best talent from around the globe . We’d love for you to come aboard and join us on this exciting journey!

Meet the dream team

Big shout out to
our amazing Business Angels

Your belief in us was the key to raising 900K€ at the close of 2022!

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Jeremy Oinino brands-linkedin
Corentin Orsini brands-linkedin
Arthur Madrid brands-linkedin
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Julien Romanetto brands-linkedin
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