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EU : The EU has reached a political agreement on regulations for crypto assets and banks. The rules aim to prevent unbacked cryptocurrencies from entering the financial system. They include a transitional prudential regime for crypto assets, with a softer stance for regulated stablecoins. The agreement requires further approval and will coincide with new banking rules by 2025. (link)

Binance has found a welcoming home in the UAE due to clear regulations and a focus on Web3 technology. The UAE's Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority provides a favorable framework, and the country's demographic is open to adopting cryptocurrencies. Binance sees the UAE as an ideal hub for its operations as it faces pressure in other regions. (link)

Algorand has partnered with DWF Labs in a $50 million deal to support and develop its blockchain. The partnership aims to support projects in various sectors, such as DeFi, art, gaming, and infrastructure. Algorand's recent protocol update enhances block times and developer features. (link)

FTX has recovered $7 billion of assets so far as it tries to cover the misappropriation of customer funds. Tracing the funds has been challenging due to commingling, and the former FTX leadership is accused of intentionally hiding their actions. The estimated amount of misappropriated customer assets is $8.7 billion.(link)

Spot Bitcoin ETF : High-profile applications for a Bitcoin spot ETF in the United States are currently in play. The SEC has rejected all previous applications, citing concerns about market manipulation. Notable applicants include BlackRock, WisdomTree, Invesco Galaxy, Valkyrie Investments, and Ark Invest. These firms aim to provide investors with regulated exposure to Bitcoin through ETFs. However, the SEC has not approved any Bitcoin spot ETF applications so far. (link)


My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 3 is now live. Players can experience the thrill of exploring a range of new features, including the crafting system, a free trial for non-landowners, plot-sharing through free-renting, ELLE branded quests and NFTs, and the utilization of the $ALICE token. (link)

Mythical Games : Web3 game studio Mythical Games has raised $37 million in funding, with more expected. Its mobile game, NFL Rivals, has surpassed 1 million downloads. The company plans to introduce more Web3 elements and is in talks with Apple and Google to integrate the NFT marketplace into the game. It also has the game Nitro Nation World Tour and the migration of the Mythical Chain to Polkadot planned. (link)

Gods Unchained, a popular NFT card game, has debuted in the Epic Games Store, expanding its player base and providing a familiar gaming experience. The game is undergoing expansion plans with new game modes, content, and a large expansion pack. Mobile versions for iOS and Android are also in development. (link)

Animoca Brands has partnered with Celo to expand its web3 gaming ecosystem and tap into Celo's network of over 6.4 billion mobile phone users. The collaboration aims to drive financial inclusion and promote blockchain adoption. (link)

Anichess, an Animoca Brands' subsidiary, has raised $1.5 million in a seed round to develop a decentralized chess game in partnership with Anichess will incorporate a "spell mechanic" and esports elements, aiming for an alpha launch in early 2024. sees this collaboration as an opportunity to introduce chess to new audiences and provide a unique chess experience. (link)


Magic Eden, a multi-chain NFT marketplace, now supports BRC-20 tokens, expanding its offerings to include tokens built on Bitcoin. Users can trade BRC-20 tokens and create their own on Bitcoin through the platform's launchpad. Magic Eden aims to be a leading NFT platform for the Bitcoin ecosystem. (link)

Azuki NFT's Elemental mint sold out in 15 minutes, generating $37.5 million. The collection is tied to Azuki's main NFT collection and includes 20,000 NFTs. Half were given to Azuki holders for free. The auction used a dutch auction structure, and the NFTs were never made available to the public. Azuki has also launched its virtual city, Hilumia, and uses Physical Backed Tokens (PBT) to connect physical and digital assets. The project has achieved over $1 billion in revenue from its NFT collection. (link)

The US Secret Service has an NFT collection on OpenSea, intended to understand NFTs and show their interest in the crypto ecosystem. Each agent has a personalized NFT, but they are not for sale. The collection symbolizes their involvement in crypto and commitment to investigating digital assets.(link)

Gmoney and Jeff Staple collaborated on a limited-edition NFT collection of baseball caps during Paris Men's Fashion Week, showcasing the fusion of luxury fashion and blockchain technology. The caps integrate 9dcc's Networked Product technology, offering interactive experiences and rewards. (link)

FC Barcelona has teamed up with NFT project World of Women for an auction of the "Empowerment" NFT artwork featuring Alexia Putellas. The auction offers real-world perks and aims to support female representation in sports. Barcelona's previous Masterpiece NFT featuring Johan Cruyff sold for $693,000. (link)


Bitfinex has launched a P2P trading platform in Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia, allowing users to trade Bitcoin, EURT, and XAUT. This expansion is part of Bitfinex's push to promote digital asset services in Latin America, following its licensing in El Salvador and partnership in Chile. (link)

Bancor, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Ethereum network, has launched Carbon, an on-chain trading protocol. Carbon revolutionizes decentralized trading by providing users with the ability to implement personalized liquidity strategies through native on-chain limit orders and range orders. (link)

Filecoin's Virtual Machine (FVM) has gained developer traction, driving growth in the DeFi ecosystem and smart contract adoption. The ecosystem's total value locked (TVL) has reached 4.65 million FIL, with notable integrations and over 91,000 wallets created. (link)

Soil, a blockchain-based lending protocol, is bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. It has obtained confirmation from regulators and is developing a self-balancing DeFi protocol for corporate loans. Soil aims to provide secure and transparent financing, adapting to regulatory changes and pioneering innovative solutions. (link)

Celsius creditors have made allegations that Wintermute assisted in facilitating "wash trading" on the Celsius platform, purportedly with the intention of fraudulently manipulating trading volumes.(link)

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