Hey Kayros World !

We're super excited to let you know that the beta version of our Kayros Wallet is now available in the Google Chrome Store !

Designed with gamers in mind, Kayros Wallet is a self-custody crypto wallet with unique features that cater to GameFi enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and those just starting their Web3 journey.

Let’s have a look at the main features!

Non-custodial wallet : With Kayros, you're in full control of your private keys and assets. Your keys are stored securely on your device, ensuring maximum security and privacy.

Multi-chain support : The wallet currently supports 15 blockchains - Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Cronos, Fantom, Wemix, Moonbeam, IoTex, Klaytn, Harmony, Celo, Gnosis, with more chains coming soon. This means you can manage multiple tokens and assets across various blockchains from a single wallet interface.

Custom RPC : Our wallet also includes a super handy feature called custom RPC. Which lets you add any network that is EVM-compatible (i.e Ethereum compatible). This means you get to play around with a whole lot more options in the blockchain world!

Easy swap feature : You can enjoy a seamless token swapping experience directly within the wallet, without hidden fees. Our built-in swap feature connects to multiple decentralized exchanges, enabling you to find the best rates.

NFT gallery : Beautifully showcase your NFTs in a dedicated gallery within the wallet. Keep track of your in-game assets across various games and easily manage your NFT portfolio in one place.

Multiple addresses management : You can create as many addresses as you need within the wallet, import existing wallets, or add read-only addresses to monitor all your assets in one place.

Your gateway to the Web3 gaming ecosystem : Kayros Wallet is specifically designed for gamers and streamers,  offering seamless access to the world of Web3 gaming. In our next update we’ll feature a list of over 100 games that you can easily onboard with Kayros Wallet.

Browser extension compatibility: The Kayros Wallet is available as an extension for Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Opera browsers, making it easily accessible and convenient to use.

What’s on the horizon?

Our current beta release is just the beginning with many more features to come soon. You can expect support for additional non-EVM blockchains, the ability to add your own custom tokens, automatic URL detection for listed games, an address book, Ledger support, a mobile version of the wallet and more!

We’re also putting together an affiliate program aimed at rewarding our loyal users for spreading the word about our wallet and contributing to our community growth. A dedicated affiliate program for game studios is in the works too. So, keep an eye out for updates!

How to Install Kayros Wallet

Getting started with the Kayros Wallet is straightforward.

Head over to the Google Chrome store and download the extension

For any assistance, check out our step-by-step guide on wallet installation.

Please bear in mind that the Kayros Wallet is currently in beta, which means you might encounter occasional bugs. But don't worry, we're here to help! If you come across any issues, please let us know so we can fix them ASAP. We really appreciate your feedback.

We're incredibly excited to have you join us on this journey, and we can't wait to see how you use our wallet.

Download the wallet today and embark on your Web3 adventure! And stay tuned for the next updates!