“-Seize the Opportunity!” - They say.

But have you ever thought about why you should seize it or catch it and why is it that obtaining an opportunity requires extra effort?

Ok, By now you may already know that our naming, Kayros means opportunity in the ancient Greek language. But, here is a trick: Kayros is also the God of Opportunity, and according to Greek mythology, he is moving as fast as the speed of light and you have to catch him as soon as possible not to miss out on your chance.

Mentioned above could imply as well that Kayros is also the God of acting fast, the God of doing it now!

And, exactly that was our motivation to start Kayros Games. We saw the opportunity in building the platform for the Ultimate GameFi Experience. And, we said that we would do it now!

However, we don’t see it as an opportunity only for us. We are building a world of opportunities for everybody by making NFT gaming more accessible, simplifying GameFi, and pushing the frontiers of Web3.

Breaking Down Barriers

There are more than 3 billion gamers in the world, but the GameFi industry is moving relevantly slowly. “Why so?” - you may think-  “Obviously, GameFI and Play-to-Earn provide the opportunity to earn while playing a game and having fun!”

There are entry barriers!

For some, the barriers can be financial. For others, it is the complexity to enter as no current web3 platform was created with gamers in mind.

We address all those common entry barriers that people face when entering space and crush them. Hence, we are driving the GameFi revolution. And, we are offering you to join our movement, our community.

Kayros Community - A world of opportunity for everybody

We seize the opportunity! We simplify complicated GameFi and Play-to-Earn while connecting gamers, investors, influencers, and gaming communities all over the world.

Our goal is to bring people into Web3 gaming by developing a GameFi community through play-to-earn engagement.

And what about the opportunities for the community?

At Kayros, we are working on creating the best GameFi experience and opportunities for all of us: game studios, players, scholars, investors, and creators.

Look through the list below:

Play-to-Earn Games - From gaming directory to gameplay analysis, we’ve got you covered with one-click onboarding for any game on any chain.

GameFi Exchange - One place to exchange and swap all your game tokens: crypto to crypto, fiat to crypto, and vice versa. Easier than ever!

GameFi Wallet - The all-in-one wallet every gamer has dreamed of: co-ownership, scholarship, and even a portfolio tracker.

NFT Marketplace - The most powerful marketplace for the GameFi industry. Buy, sell and rent your NFTs in one place.

Refer-to-Earn - Referrals and rewards through a gaming social network built by the community for the community.

Platform Missions - Easy yet engaging quests, missions, and challenges for players to complete and get rewarded from games & guilds.

Crypto Debit Card - The first GameFi debit card to make life easier for every gamer. Cash out and withdraw your earnings anywhere in the world.

As you can see above, Kayros is built for every gamer and not only.

We’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to play to earn, buy and sell GameFi-related cryptocurrencies or in-game NFTs, lend or rent your NFTs, invest in GameFi, test new games, write game reviews, publish UGC to promote play-to-earn, or simply look for game insights to make data-driven decisions. We’ve got you covered!

What about the Incentives for the Community?

Ok! That’s an important question! We’re the Web3 community after all.

We believe that members of our community are not just backers, but believers in what we do, and how we aim to change the ecosystem and they take an active part in our GameFi Revolution.

However, everyone is rewarded for their contributions to the Kayros ecosystem and paid for their time spent not only playing P2E video games but promoting Kayros services, creating content, or contributing to the community in this or that way!

Kayros brings together all those who wish to take advantage of the opportunities offered by GameFi industry.

What about Rewards? Does Kayros have a Native Token?

We’re very glad you asked that! Of course, Kayros has its native token and it’s called $KAY. You can use $KAY to purchase game passes on our platform, hold it, or cash out to your debit card in your local currency.

Below we list 5 ways how you can get rewarded with $KAY

In-Game Rewards - Participate in quests, challenges, tournaments, and missions and get rewarded.

Passive Income - Rent your NFT and earn passively while somebody else is playing. Another way is to stake your Kayros token and get rewards for a certain period of time.

Community Incentives - There are many ways how the community can be rewarded with $KAY even without playing. You can test a game, make a game review, write an article or produce a video, participate in the affiliate program, etc. Opportunities are truly endless!

Exclusive Airdrops - Don’t miss on the airdrops by Kayros Games.

Participate in Referral Program - Refer Kayros to your friend and family and earn $KAY each time they sign up.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to earn and get rewarded with Kayros and it’s all while being a part of the fastest-growing GameFi community with the revolutionary platform that is making play-to-earn easy and accessible to everybody.

And on top of that, we’re building the largest economy in the virtual world.

They say: “Seize the Opportunity”. And we say, “Seize the Kayros!”

It’s time to act! It’s time play-to-earn! And, it’s time to be fast! Don’t miss out on your chance!

Be among the early adopters and let’s drive the GameFi revolution together!

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